Staying Fresh in Summer


Four syllables, eight letters, humidity. Humidity plus the summer heat spells disaster, and we all know what humidity does to our hair. Just the thought of hair resembling a poodle would make you cringe.

Staying fresh when the temperatures outside are unbearably hot, may seem like summer is working against you in terms of beauty. Say goodbye to frizzy hair, shiny faces, dry skin, and sliding makeup.

Once-and-a-while we all have bad hair days, but bad hair becomes a reoccurring issue in summer. Frizzy hair can make a person feel overall disgusting.  No worries, there’s still hope. There are many ways to solve bad hair but these are most effective ones I have discovered. DON’T blow dry your hair. When you blow dry your hair, it causes damage and your hair becomes even frizzier. DO condition your hair, using deep conditioners can repair and moisturize frizzy hair. Thanks to deep conditioning, you’ll have moisturized healthy locks. Although putting your hair up is a temporary fix, it can make all the difference. Even putting your air-dried hair up in a simple bun can make you look together and feel ready to take on the day. Static hair is as much of a problem as frizziness.  Lucky for you there’s an easy fix. Dryer sheets. Just take a sheet and pat down the static hair. Voila, problem solved.

Shiny faces. I don’t mean intentional highlighter. Sweat comes along with heat, so of course faces are going to be shiny. Mattifying powder and primer is an easy solution for shiny/oily looking faces. On the go there may not be enough time to powder your face, so there is another trick. Oil blotting sheets. Use these sheets to blot any oily/shiny looking areas. Now, you’re ready to go!

Dry skin is down right annoying plus sometimes it can be hard to fix. Lotions and oils all claim to help dry skin, but are they natural? It’s always best to use natural products that don’t contain chemicals or unfamiliar ingredients. Rub Coconut Oil on any dry skin, then your skin should be moisturized. Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil and Shea Butter all work as moisturizers. I recommend the listed oils and butter not be used around your eyes or face. In particular, Alba Botanical Natural is a very emollient body lotion, creates silky, smooth, and hydrated skin. This lotion will rid your body of any dry skin when applied to the problem area. Dry skin is a common matter that can be helped with moisturizing lotions and oils.

Sliding makeup goes along with shiny/oily skin. Sliding makeup can be caused by sweating or not setting your makeup with powder. Primer before applying your makeup can prevent makeup moving throughout the day as well. It all comes down to setting and priming, doing that can make all the difference.

Simple solutions for the thorn-in-your-side problems quickly become tamed hair, matte faces, hydrated skin, and makeup staying where it’s supposed to be. Staying fresh in summer just became a little bit easier.


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